Types of Freight

Cost of freight varies, depending on the way in which the loading and unloading expenses have been distributed.

Liner Terms

Freight involves all phases of shipping (loading at the port of loading, stowage, transport, unloading and unloading in port of destination), including cost of handling in the ports of loading and unloading according to the custom of those ports.
Free In (FI)

Freight includes transport and unloading at the port of destination. Charterer is in charge of the loading and stowing expenses at the loading port.

Free Out (FO)

Freight includes loading of the cargo in the port of loading, stowage and transport. Charterer covers the costs of unloading at the port of destination.
Free In And Out (FIO)

Freight includes only the transport, freight does not involve loading and stowing at the loading port, nor does it include unloading at the port of destination

Free In Out Stowed (FIOS)

Freight includes only the transport. Loading, discharging and stowing the cargo in vessel hold(s) are free of risk, responsibility and cost to the carrier.

Free In Out Stowed And Trimmed (FIOST)

Freight equal to the FIOS but adding the expenses for the moving of cargo in vessels hold(s) in order to achieve the necessary balance for transportation.


It is an extension of the FIOST, adding Charterer responsibility for lashing, securing and using proper dunnage in order to insure loads safety in navigation.

Free In / Liner Out (FILO)
Assigns to Charterer only cost of loading, stowing and securing on board.

Liner In / Free Out (L.I.F.O)
Assigns to Charterer only cost of discharging/un-securing.